Free Video Sharing Script/youtube

Ever wondered if you can have your own youtube?

Clipbucket is an open-source video sharing script that lets you create youtube, your own youtube in minutes and it is committed to delivering an Unparalleled Entertainment Experience.

No limits on variation and styles

World's best video players

ClipBucket brings variety in players as it offers you more than one responsive, eye catching ,world class video players so you can show your videos in style.

Comes with its own Multiple Video Uploader !

Empowering users with a Great Experience

ClipBucket uploader allows you to upload multiple videos of any size in a smooth manner. It gives your users complete control of video details

Get started with Clip-bucket

Download world’s best open source video sharing script and create your own website like YouTube, Dailymotion,, Netflix or Hulu. You need Zero technical expertise to create your own site like and make good profit.


why choose clipbucket

Open source multimedia sharing script and one of the reasons for that is the powerful features available for free. We develop ClipBucket with an open prospective keeping all kinds of people in mind. When you are building something that fits everyone’s needs, it is quite difficult to cover specific needs of each person. That’s where our premium products come in to help you out.

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  • New sleek designed default template.
  • 8x faster than previous versions of ClipBucket.
  • New designed video player.
  • Real time conversion system.
  • Ajax home page.
  • Ajax load more (load more videos etc without refreshing pages).
  • Ajax based view photos ( view next photo without refreshing page ).
  • Fixed over 200 issues.
  • Improved conversion logs.
  • Improved Ads Manager.
  • In Video ads integrated with Google IMA4 made compatible with CB VideoJPlayer.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Improved friends system.
  • Compatible with MySQL 5.6.
  • MySQL Optimization.
  • Overall code optimization and documentation.
  • Faster & more user friendly quicklists.
  • And much more awesomeness.......