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ClipBucket v2.6



ClipBucket - Stable 2.6

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Updated : Server modules check
Updated : Conversion log check
Update admin area text
Fixed : Update installer for 2.6
Fixed : CB Player preview thumb and Details
Updated : CB Server Modules
Updated : FFMPEG Conversion
Added : Mass Email
Update : Update cb stats
Update : FFMPEG codecs check
Fixed : video counts on user block even after video section is disabled
Fixed : user photo counts even after disabling photos section
Fixed : ReWrite Syntax Injection
Added : New mass email
Added : Plugin permissions in user levels
Fixed : Video links option | in admin area
Updatet : Template static variable to Cbucket->template
Moved : User permissions in classes/collections.class.php
Fixed : Video listing Most Viewed
Fixed : Video link options in admin area
Fixed : PHPMailer for localhost
Fixed : email case insensitivie
Fixed : extra params in plugins
Fixed : crousal in view channel
Updated : Counter function, now counts rows instead of pages\\\\\\\\
Updated : upgradeable.php to load 2.6 sql
Fixed : SEO URL redirect for Videos
Updated : cbplayer.plugin.php
Added : cbplayer.plugin.php
Fixed : website_logo in player


  • Version - 2.6
  • Revision - 738
  • Hits - 114,868
  • External Link - Here
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