Pak player

ClipBucket gives you full experience of flowplayer as PakPlayer with a unique taste of with our little customization

Pakplayer features

  1. Flexible and scalable
  2. Variety of ready made plugins
  3. Easy to customize and build
  4. Skinnable
  5. Pseudo with H264 streaming
  6. HTML integration
  7. JavaScript APIs
  8. Easy to setup and operate

Pakplayer by default shows "About Pakplayer" when users right-clicks on it and also displays a Pakplayer logo when user goes for fullscreen, in order to display your logo and add your context menu you have to buy our Pakplayer branding license , you can read more about it here

note : Pakplayer is based on flowplayer which means everything that works wiht flowplayer works with Pakplayer ultimately, you can read pakplayer guides, tutorials and get involved in user to user discussion by visit

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