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Multiserver Details

Multi-Server is an essential plug-in for heavy traffic websites and we always suggest you to use a Multi-Server plug-in if you are planning to run a website which has potential to go live for thousands of users. We are here to provide you a best solution with our Multi Server plug-in and it covers almost all aspects of a mass content and large traffic websites.


  • Complete Multi-Server For Videos, Thumbs and Photos
  • Remote Upload For Videos on Different Servers
  • Move Videos and Thumbs to Different Servers
  • Add Watermarks on Photos
  • Manage Servers From Admin Panel
  • Configure Servers From Admin Panel
  • Check Server Stats and Status
  • Better File-System Which Includes Directory Creation Based On Dates
  • Complete upload logs and details for reports
  • Priority Management Based on Server Space Available
  • Activate/Deactivate Servers
  • Simply Install Plug-in and Start Using Multi-Server, No Extra Customization Required
  • Iphone Video Option Included
  • Video Sprite Rotator Plugin Included
  • Add As Much Servers As You Like
  • Manage All Videos From Admin Panel
  • Generates Conversion Logs For All Videos and Sends it Back to App Server
  • Mplayer Compatible For Quick Thumbs Generation
  • Flvtool++ Compatible For Quick FLV Meta Data Injection

Key Points

Note : All thumbs are attached at the bottom of this page.

User Friendly Layout

Our new plug-in comes with exciting features but our main aim was to make it much easy for user to manage multiple servers, you can add , edit, configure servers easily. It also tells how much space server has consumed and how much is left.

Quick Navigation For Server Options

quick access to all actions you want for your server weather to see stats or configure it or you want to delete it etc.. all things are very easy to access and work smoothly.

Easy to Add New Servers With Video Roles

Now adding new servers are quite easy, all you have to do is to enter its name, ip-address assign roles, and click connect.

Video Role and Video Thumbs Role

You can assign server whether to act as:
  • Conversion Server
  • Streaming Server
  • Store Thumbs
  • Store Photos

You can also set settings such that your server can move photos or thumbs to other server so you can have all of your content on different servers e.g. Video server, Thumbs Server and Photos server, its pretty flexible and easy to make them work.

Advance Server Status

How can we miss this most wanted feature for any web administrator? we have added server gauges that keep rolling and updating you about how much server CPU and Memory being used and also tell you how much space is consumed by an uploaded item. Moreover it also tells you how much uploads were made on specified date in specific time.

Control All Servers From One Place

Now you can configure all servers from your admin area and change settings accordingly, as we already told you , we have tried our best to make this plugin much more user friendly. You can also choose different settings for different servers, add watermark on your photos, and set video quality and codecs from your admin panel.

Application And Secret Key Security Logic

We have added application and secret key on both ends to make a secure and authentic connection between two servers which is re-checked and verified on every request made by either of the servers.

Now Support Remote Upload

Now we have enabled remote upload option compatible with Multi-Server so users can directly upload video files hosted on different websites or servers.

All you have to do is enter video url and Clipbucket Multi-Server will do the rest, it will also show a status bar and file will be directly uploaded to the Conversion Server.

Sprite Video Rotator Included

We have created a new Video Sprite Rotator which is included by default in Multi-Server as a complimentary plugin for our Multi-Server buyers.

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