Clip Bucket Plugins

  • Clip Press

    Clip Press is ClipBucket integration with WordPress. It allows you to signin and signup both for WordPress and ClipBucket in one click. It also allows you to post new uploaded videos directly to WordPress. view more

  • HTML5 Player Branding Removal

    ClipBucket places its own logo in its main media player (HTML5 Player) by default. Since, ClipBucket is free it allows us to take a little bit of credit for the hard work we have done. But you can remove that logo and replace it with your own. view more

  • Social Connect

    ClipBucket Social Connects is a plugin created for making it easy for ClipBucket customers to allow their website users to login with ease without having to fill in long forms. view more

  • CB Carousel

    Add custom scrolls to your website. You can easily choose which object you want to display e.g videos, photos, groups etc. Choose different animations, add navigational buttons, enable keyboard navigation and change colors of carousel, All from admin area. view more

  • ClipBucket Player (Discontinued)

    ClipBucket player (CBPlayer/JWPlayer) Branding license view more

  • Adult Warning Page (Discontinued)

    With this plugin you can easily display ADULT WARNING PAGE also you can edit it from admin area. view more

  • Floating Social Share Box (Discontinued)

    This plugin will show a floating share box on the right side of your website pages view more

  • Facebook Comments

    If you want to display Facebook comments box, this plugins will allow you to enable this feature for your website. view more

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