Terms & Conditions

ClipBucket usage

  • ClipBucket is fully open source, you can do ANYTHING except removing "Powered by ClipBucket"  and "Arslan hassan" without permission
  • We highly discourage website with Porn Material
  • We highly encourage websites that promote our product
  • You cannot sell your products on behalf of ClipBucket, sell it but not as a official of ClipBucket
  • We are not responsible for any material or content that is found on "Powered by Clipbucket" websites

ClipBucket Official Products Conditions

  • All official products are listed on our Main website, there is no reseller or affiliate
  • Without Purchase of Branding Removal, you cannot remove "Powered by ClipBucket" or "Arslan Hassan" from your website
  • All of our product(s) has 1 domain license, using it on multiple websites/domains/sub-domains may lead your license to be terminated
  • Distribution of our Official product is not allowed
  • Our Technical Support is not FREE, you can use our Forums (user-to-user) support if you want it for free, otherwise either Pay for it or buy our products in order to get technical support

Refund Policy

  • Our products are intangible and Virtual, and all products have online demos available so you can test each and every part of the products prior to your purchase.Once the services are Rendered we cant provide you the Refund. Even if your employee/girlfriend Make purchase after stealing Money from your Office account, Or your Son/Daughter purchased it without your Permission, Or you have Accidently Made the Purchase becuase your Uncle Hamster hopped on the keyboard. we normally deliver the Purchases in 24~48 hrs, if you want to cancel the order be sure to cancel in Time.
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