#1 Video Sharing Script !

Have you ever wondered if you can have your own youtube?

Clipbucket is an open-source video sharing script that lets you create youtube, your own youtube in minutes and it is committed to delivering an Unparalleled Entertainment Experience.

No limits on variation and styles

World's best video players

ClipBucket brings variety in players as it offers you more than one responsive, eye catching ,world class video players so you can show your videos in style.

Comes with its own Multiple Video Uploader !

Empowering users with a Great Experience

ClipBucket uploader allows you to upload multiple videos of any size in a smooth manner. It gives your users complete control of video details

#1 Video Sharing Script

ClipBucket is an OpenSource Multimedia Management Script Provided Free to the Community.This script comes with all the bells & whistles required to start your own Video Sharing website.

Even a website like Youtube, Metacafe, Veoh, Hulu or any other top video distribution application in matter of minutes. ClipBucket is fastest growing script which was first started as Youtube Clone but now its advance features & enhancements makes it the most versatile, reliable & scalable media distribution platform with latest social networking features, while staying light on your pockets. Whether you are a small fan club or a big Multi Tier Network operator, Clipbucket will fulfill your video management needs.

Happiness for Mobile Users

With rapid increase in number of mobile web surfers it has become extremely important for webmasters to make their website mobile friendly. They are trying but most of them fail.

It can be hard and painful to do so as there are countless different sizes and types of mobile devices that are currently out there. However, with ClipBucket you don't have to worry about that part at all as we take out that pain for you. ClipBucket is 100% responsive and works smoothly on all types of devices and screen sizes. It means that your website will smoothly work exactly like it does on desktop.

Extensive Admin Area

ClipBucket is an otherwise extremely complex product made simple with its admin area. ClipBucket comes with an extensive admin area to put everything under your control.

You can make all kinds of changes from as small as changing your website slogan to changing entire theme. You are always just a few clicks away from making your website look and behave in way you like. You can change themes, manage plugins, manage videos, users, photos, collections, tools, website settings and much more. In simple words, you don't need to have any kind of programming knowledge in order to be able to run a giant sized video sharing website.

Templates and Players

Templates make it much easier for you to make small or drastic changes to your website. Long are the days gone where you will need to hire designer to get changes done.

With ClipBucket, you get to use dozens of amazing themes that can help you turn your website into any taste you like. You want to run a school website, small organization video platform or a giant sized video sharing portal such as YouTube and Tune.pk, you have themes to do just that. We also offer variety in video players. Almost all popular video players in world right now are supported such as VideoJs and FlowPlayer.

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ClipBucket Professional Installation

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